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    Moving In

    When can I move in to Basecamp?

    We are ready to welcome you on the first day of tenancy during our office hours. Additional information and keys will be handed out by the reception.

    Can I bring my own furniture?

    No. The apartments are fully-furnished with beautiful and functional designer furniture and come with all you need to live comfortably. To keep the rooms in their original condition we do not allow the moving in of personal furniture.

    Is it possible to swap or simply move to another apartment after moving in?

    This may be possible, subject to availability.

    What do I have to bring?

    You need to supply your bedding and towels, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. Our team can help you look for the best deals and offer advice on where to find everything you might need.

    Need something else? Contact us.

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