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Medical University of Łódź: a short guide

Medical studies in Poland are very popular among both domestic and foreign students. What is the reason that there are usually a dozen or so applicants for one free place at Polish universities? First of all, it is the fact that Polish medical universities are usually highly ranked in international rankings assessing the level of higher education establishments. However, it is not only the high level of teaching that makes many foreign students choose Poland as a place to study. As for medical universities, many of them create convenient conditions for foreign students, such as the possibility of taking courses in English. Moreover, even in large urban centres, the cost of living proves to be relatively low, especially compared to Western Europe. 

Medical University of Łódź

As far as medical schools in Poland are concerned, there are at least a few that are particularly popular among both Polish and foreign students. Undoubtedly, this includes the Medical University of Łódź – one of the best institutions of its kind in the country, regularly recognised in Polish and foreign rankings. 

Łódź is the fourth most populous city in central Poland and one of the most dynamic centres in the country. It places great emphasis on attracting tourists and foreign students: on the one hand, it has an excellent location and a great number of tourist attractions; on the other hand, there are almost 20 universities with almost 65,000 students. There are also two Basecamp dormitories in Lodz (Łódź I dormitory and Łódź II 1905 dormitory), where students will find not only a great place to study but also to spend their free time. From the perspective of Medical University students, Basecamp dormitories are perfectly located – the distance between them and the university is really short. The location, extensive infrastructure and focus on the international environment (where you can polish foreign languages in everyday situations) are the strongest features of Basecamp, which we will return to later in this text. 

Study medicine in Poland 

For now, let’s stay with medical studies in Łódź. In order to study at the Medical University of Łódź, you have to meet several requirements that are similar to those for Polish students. At the very beginning, you need to complete all the necessary formalities, starting with registration on the portal in English The subsequent steps of the university application process are described in a special tab, so candidates will not have any problems with it. 

In order to study at the Medical University of Łódź, you first of all need to have an International Baccalaureate diploma or European Baccalaureate diploma, which allows you to apply for medical studies in your country of origin. The alternative, in this case, is to have a high school diploma. Second, at a prearranged online meeting during the admissions process, the candidate’s above-average knowledge in two of the following areas will be tested: chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology. This knowledge must also be demonstrated by appropriate results on the certificates mentioned above. 

Finally, you will also need a proper certificate proving your English language skills. Certificates honoured are CAE, CPE, TOEFL iBT at 75% level, or IELTS at a 6-point level. If applicants are unable to demonstrate any of the above certifications at the desired level, then they will be screened out during recruitment. 

Tuition at the Medical University of Łódź

Medical studies in Poland are not free of charge, of course, although in this case it should be noted that they are generally cheaper than in most European countries, with a competitive – let’s point this out – level of teaching. For standardised medical studies (lasting 6 years) at the Medical University of Łódź, the fees for two semesters of study amount to almost 12,000 euros. The situation is similar with dental studies: here, too, you will pay almost 12,000 euros for two semesters. 

Accommodation in Łódź

In spite of the tuition fees, it should be taken into consideration that Poland as such is a fairly cheap country when it comes to the cost of living – this should also be kept in mind when doing a cost estimate for potential studies in Poland. Łódź is a special centre in this respect. It is a city located in central Poland, from where you can get everywhere relatively quickly. Direct proximity to Warsaw and good transport links with the capital make it possible to find oneself in a big city with a rich cultural and sports programme. 

In terms of accommodation options, Łódź is a very student-friendly centre. It is enough to mention that the Medical University alone has 4 dormitories. Of course, this is not the only solution – you can also consider a number of others, of which the Basecamp dormitory is particularly interesting. As we have already mentioned, two such student accommodation options (Łódź I dormitory and Łódź II dormitory), are in a great location – not far from the Medical University of Łódź campus. Basecamp is of a very high standard, providing great conditions for both learning and entertainment.  

It’s worth noting that Basecamp is not just ordinary student accommodation but also an entire student infrastructure, including quiet study rooms, a gym, laundry facilities, separate kitchenettes – and of course, super-fast Wi-Fi throughout the building. A very important feature of Basecamp, differentiating it from a normal dormitory or private accommodation is precisely this clear division between the sphere of study and the sphere of entertainment – students can deal with studies, when there is time for it, and then seamlessly devote themselves to entertainment, in the same place. 

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