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    Stakeholder grievance

    1. Grievance process

    Basecamp Group cares about the experience of stakeholders and is committed to offering a service whereby stakeholder concerns can be raised in confidence. Stakeholders may include (but not limited to) Suppliers, nearby residents, student residents, Municipalities or Universities

    Being made aware of concerns or grievances allows us to address them directly but it also allows us to improve our business and the stakeholder experience going forwards.

    2. Grievance definition

    A grievance mechanism is established to receive and facilitate resolution of stakeholder grievances

    The grievance process serves to:

    • Demonstrate Basecamp Student’s respect for the interests of external stakeholders;
    • Identify emerging adverse trends in terms of incidents/impacts at an early stage so that measures to prevent/avoid their occurrence can be implemented quickly and proactively
    • Minimize any adverse impacts of any of the Basecamp Student projects on external stakeholders.

    Any person, group or organization can submit a grievance any time, without fear of retribution. Personal information about the affected stakeholders will be treated as confidential (in accordance with the requirements of legislation and Basecamp Student’s Privacy Policy). In order to ensure an effective investigation, please provide us with specific information and any relevant document/or evidence.

    Learn more about the process. Read our Grievance Process Policy and Procedure.

    3. Submit your grieviance here

    Please send an email to which includes:

    • Your full name
    • Details of your greivance
    • Any documents relevant to your grievance

    Dziękujemy za subskrypcję!

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