Base Life

Your student years are
the best years of your life,
BaseLife makes them even better!


is our community program
bringing you events, services, and more
– turning your new house into a home.

Check out below
to see what is included in your new


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The BaseLife Pillars

click on the pillars below to see what’s included in your BaseLife

Our goal is to provide what you need
while you work on achieving your dreams.
Each BaseLife pillar highlights the different features
included in your BaseLife.

click on the pillars below to see what’s included in your BaseLife

• staff members
available 24/7

• personalized service
and support

• Your health, safety,
and security are our priority
  • fitness, cinema, study spaces,
    laundry, and more
  • On-site parcel collection
    and bike rentals
  • Energy-saving lights,
    recycling bins,
    and green roofing
    just to name a few
  • parties, excursions, social clubs
    and you name it
  • mix, mingle, and meet new people
  • discover your new city
    and live like a local
  • Expand your network
    locally and globally
  • make memories for life
  • explore career

The BaseFun
Has Just Begun!

At BaseCamp you don’t just attend events,
you join our community.
Each month we offer
a variety fun of events
from parties to gaming to biking to cooking.
BaseCamp has something for everyone!

Your BaseLife Team

BaseLife is led and supported
in each community by a dedicated group of
BaseManagers and BaseBuddies.
They are here to offer you safety, support and care.

Base Managers

BaseManagers are the on-site leaders for each of our communities. Your BaseManager is available to answer questions about anything from booking to bedding.

Base Buddies

BaseBuddies are the heart of the communities. They are residents who work for BaseCamp part-time to help ensure you have an exeptional experience. BaseBuddies plan events, help answer your questions, and are there for you if you need support.

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Interested in becoming a BaseBuddy?

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